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                             Ordination by Jyogan-

                                Become a Minister

Jyogan now serves as Ministerial Director allowing him to legally ordain others as non-denominational Ministers (certified and recognized nationally).

This would allow you to be able to use the title Reverend as needed/ desired. Primarily, this serves as protection for you as a Reiki Practitioner if you live in or travel to a state (like Massachusetts, Florida and others) that don't legally allow touch without a massage therapy license. Ordained Ministers are legally allowed to offer “healing touch” in all states.

And as another perk is that you can legally officiate weddings by registering with the NYC Clerk or the city government in the area in which you live.

If you would like to learn more please email 
and we will work together to begin the process.

A written essay (brief autobiographical statement) is required. There is a modest $95 fee for the ordination plus an annual dues fee of $50 both of which are paid to the national certifying organization directly (not to Jyogan).