Traditional Reiki Center


Jyogan has instructed nearly a thousand students in Reiki practice

and once you are Attuned to the Reiki Energy in a Reiki Class

you will have the energy flow though you for the rest of your life.

Jyogan offers both group classes and one-to-one private classes

Group training classes are held once a month for a reduced fee and on an alternating basis at

Namaste Healing Center.

Individual 1-1 training can be arranged every week by request

All 4 levels of Japanese Style Reiki Training in Dai Komyo Reiki are offered: 

Level I: "Shoden" Beginners Class. Begin your Reiki Practice. Become attuned to Reiki Energy for use on yourself and others. Manual and Attunement Activations. Limited to 7 attendees. To set up a private class please email.

Level II: "Chuden" Intermediate Class. Learn and be attuned to the first three Reiki symbols and broaden your practice. Anyone attuned to Reiki 1 by any teacher can attend. Level 2 Daikomyo Reiki Practitioner Certification included. Limited to 7 attendees call (212) 645-0141 to register.

Level III: "Okuden" Inner Teachings Class.  Often called the "Master" Level in the west. Learn and be attuned to the final Reiki symbol and enter the inner Reiki teachings to begin the lifelong spiritual path of Reiki practice. Includes 2017 Dai Komyo Reiki manual and Level 3 Reiki Practitioner Certification. or email to set up a private class.

Level IV: "Shinpiden" Teachers Training Class. Learn to teach traditional Japanese Reiki and become a Certified Shihan (Master Teacher). Held in a private 1-session course for those who have studied levels I-III with Jyogan and a 2-session course for those who are Reiki Masters in other lineages. Please note that there are some additional requirements before this course and before Certification. Once training is completed, the student is given certification as a fully certified Shihan (Teacher) and may teach all levels of DaI Komyo Reiki and initiate other Shihan. 

***Shihan Apprenticeship is also offered the student begins an assistant Teacher (Shihan Kaku). The Shihan Kaku is expected to help lead Reiki Shares and resit each Reiki level as an assistant teacher.

"Helping you to reconnect with
your True Self and heal the mind and body."

Learn Reiki Directly from its Source!

Jyogan teaches Komyo Reiki as taught by Buddhist Monk Hyakuten Inamoto. Jyogan is one of only a few Reiki Teachers who have studied Reiki directly in Japan. He was certified in all 3 initial levels personally in one-to-one classes with Hyakuten Inamoto in Kyoto

Jyogan lived in Japan for 3 years during that period and also attended Inamoto Sensei's weekly Reiki share for further guidance, training, and AttunementsThis is a Reiki lineage just 4-degrees from Reiki's Creator, Mikao Usui (Mikao Usui > Chujiro Hayashi > Chiyoko Yamaguchi > Hyakuten Inamoto >Jyogan>You). 

      Traditional Japanese Reiki Training