Traditional Reiki Center

-Reiki Practitioner Mentoring Sessions 

-Reiki-centered Spiritual Counseling Sessions

-Reiki Space Clearing and Home Blessings

-Reiki Spiritual Pilgrimage group tour of Japa

scheduled for 2022 the 100th anniversary of Reiki

Jyogan is a Ministerial Director

and also officiates Reiki energized:


Customizing of the Ceremony 

Help with your vows

Performing the Ceremony

Handling the paperwork

-Vow Renewals

-Baby Naming and Blessing Ceremonies

-Ministerial Ordinations

-Memorial Services

-Reiki Massage Therapy

For more information on these services please email:

Enjoy the healing and reconnective energy for yourself in a Reiki Treatment Session

Available Daily by Appointment 

call or text 917-7234342

Walk-in Treatment Activations every Wednesday 5-9:00pm
at Namaste Healing Center
80 Fifth Ave Suite 1104 NYC
one block west of Union Square
Call 212-645-0141

15 minutes $50

Email for details

​and to make an appointment

Additional Services

Reiki Treatments